We provide security and possibilities
for the displaced.


During the courses we offer, masterpieces are being created by displaced people and refugees.


These works of art are being sold as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) at auctions of Migration Hubs to raise money and assist with solving social challenges linked to the refugee crisis.


Some of the world’s most accomplished artists also donate special art pieces from their personal portfolios and help refugees create artworks in unique ways online and offline.


Accomplished artists donate art from their personal portfolios to be included in fundraising initiatives supporting refugees and neighbourhood infrastructure programs.

Proceeds from the auctions also provide refugees with access to computers and accelerated learning programs focused on blockchain, computer programming, and business.

The artistic concept of Migration Hubs is about inclusion as a shared human value. Participating artists are excited by the opportunity to co-create a new piece of art with refugees, and to do this in the context of a charitable effort.